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The Rice is the biggest of the foods widely eaten worldwide. We explore various rice types, of different sizes, lengths and colours. At the moment, a lot of focus needs to be placed on the best quality rice packaging. Bags and Pouches Singapore provides rice packaging offering a competitive edge for your company. We give rice packaging bags to protect rice from contamination and preserve rice for longer periods of time. A strong advertising package should fit for your company and for your forms too. With the aid of this, we deliver distinctive rice pouches which can still differentiate your commodity as full from that of your rivals.

We offer various rice bags like:

✓ White rice bags

✓ Basmati rice bags

✓ Brown rice bags, etc.

We have rice packaging that can handle different capacities that we have and one that can be most robust because we add attached plastic materials.

We utilize plastic films such as:



✓ PE



We also embody metalized layers which encourage the lengthening of the rice product time, thus preventing spoilage of the crop. In addition, we have custom written rice bags, using rotogravure technique to use up to nine colours. Using the flexible packaging of Bags and Pouches Singapore does not only offer flexibility in the transport and storage of the rice drug, but it also increases the overall appearance of the commodity on the shelf. Our rice packaging comes complete with 3 key finishing styles such as matte, matt and acrylic.

Packaging chart for private lableing

Rice is packaged as requested by the consumer in every form of packaging. They mark their products in their language on different packaging

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