About Us

SDG Park RU is the biggest world’s leading merchant-exporters. We provide high quality Rice, Fresh Vegetables, Indian Spices, Chickpeas, Oil Seeds, Preserved Canned Goods, Frozen Foods, Dehydrated Items, etc. in large quantities for the distribution of our customers all over the world.


We are located top of the world. We have the capacity in stipulated time schedules to produce large volumes. We are a diverse organisation of passion for excellence by offering an unrivaled array of products to consumers supported by a team of experienced professionals. We deliver a wide range of high quality products to our clients.


We also developed strong commercial partnerships and connections across the State with a range of reputed sources. The experts work directly with customers in order to identify their concerns and provide the most appropriate options, as well as being constantly available to answer any question that the client might have and to support them in any way possible.

We SDG Park RU respect our customers and end up to not only anticipate their needs, but also provide world class facilities along with goods. We are one of the best  merchant exporters marching forward of premium quality goods of international standards.


We are recognized as a renowned merchant exporter in our selection of “Rice, Fresh Vegetables, Indian Spices, Chickpeas, Oil Seeds, Preserved Canned Goods, Frozen Foods, Dehydrated Goods” and many more, providing verity, price and outstanding designs.


These broad varieties of premium goods help us provide for our customers ‘ ever rising needs.


Our goal behind providing multiple goods under one roof is to provide our consumers with a one stop solution.



  • Quality
  • Efficient professional man power
  • Competitive price range
  • Timely delivery
  • Highly trained team
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Our production experts strive to search for innovative opportunities to increase the consistency of our anger and to perform rigorous quality checks to guarantee the reliability of our variety of goods. Our team has a thorough eye for quality and chooses the materials so precisely that they have products which give citizens full comfort. We aim to have unparalleled selection, where quantities and costs are fair in terms of consistency and timely delivery.

At SDG Park Ru, owing to our high levels we have devoted foreign customers, our goal is to offer expanded volumes of superior quality levels.

Because our SDG Park Ru we guarantee the best reviews and instant response. Agency specializing in buyer relationship growth. Yeah, we’re not only expanding companies. We’re just establishing good partnerships.

Complete consumer loyalty has also been our company’s primary priority in supplying our consumers with the highest product, timely service, fair pricing and long lasting working partnership. The slogan for goods is always should be total excellence. We have managed to accumulate a large customer base abroad due to our high quality goods and productive services.

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